Confessions of a Quilt Show Newbie

Ok ladies I have to admit, I had reservations about all the fuss that surrounded this quilt show- and all the others for that matter.

I wasnt quite sure that I would be able to find things to amuse myself for a few hours- after all HOW many stands could I look at without being totally overwhelmed and end up with nothing!

Well I am pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the whole experience was great!

I happily spent time browsing through all the stands, the colours from all the fabrics were a feast for the creative eye! There were lots of things to draw inspiration from some that I would like to attempt in the near future.


Our stand was by far the most impressive! (yes maybe I am a little biased! 🙂 )- but all in all it was a great day! Our Quilt Aid Finishing Kit has been met with rave reviews which is wonderful – we are thrilled with the result and are so excited to be a part of the program. Here are some pictures of our Quilt Aid quilt.



Till next time your Quilt Show Newbie, Ally.

Happy Stitching

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  1. Kim says:

    Look at our beautiful stand, absolutely the best, no question. Great photos Ally. Now next year I expect to see one of your quilts displayed there (it may even have a blue prize winning ribbon) – with a few ‘stitcheries’, ‘suffolk puffs’ and ‘prairie points’ please LOL!! Just teasing, see you soon, Kim :0) xx

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