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Class Review – 2 Cool 4 School

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Today we had our 2 Cool 4 School class for kids. In the workshop, kids made their very own pajamas, placemats, sling bags and had a great time as they took their first step in their sewing careers. Susan Carr who ran the class said ‘It was loads of fun and it was great to see the young ones sewing, and due to it’s success this class may run again in the near future, so stay tuned!’

jemimahJemimah with her sling bag.

bethBeth with her sling bag.

elloiseElloise with her placemat.

hallieHallie with her pajamas.

georgiaGeorgia with her sling bag.

charliCharli with her pajamas.

charli-2Charli with her sling bag.

bellaBella with her sling bag.

nataliaNatalia with her placemat.

bethany1Bethany with her placemat.

New Moda Range – Twirl

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

In stock we have a great new range from Me and My Sister Designs, a designer for Moda called Twirl.

The fabrics are bright, floral and fun- how fitting for this season! We have the twirl range in charm packs, layer cakes and jelly rolls.

To purchase these bakeshop goodies, click here!


At home with Moda

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Ever wonder how some of your favourite fabrics are produced, and where? We found this great video that shows an in depth and interesting look at the Moda industry and how they get their unique and creative designs from their factories to quilting and fabric stores around the world- like Blueberries!

Watch the video here, and to check out our moda bakeshop click here!


Big ‘n’ Bizarre

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

A road trip of Australia’s fiberglass monuments

The Big Galah

Can you believe it folks, that we’re actually halfway across Australia now? And that’s literally.

This week we’re in the small town of Kimba, which is located at the top of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Kimba bills itself as being the midpoint between the east and west coasts, or exactly halfway between Sydney and Perth. The accuracy of this claim has never been fully confirmed, since no-one has ever found a tape measure long enough.

And of course, Kimba’s other claim to fame is that it’s home to a Big Thing.

Introducing the Big Galah, an 8m high, steel and fiberglass bird that stands at the edge of the Eyre Highway, pensive and wise. This is in stark contrast to real galahs, which mostly lie scattered on the road in little pink and grey heaps, mainly because of their fondness for flying straight at the windscreens of oncoming traffic. Not really the brightest of birds really, hence the Aussie slang term ‘galah’ meaning an idiot.

But not so the Big Galah. Since 1993 it’s been dominating the skyline, commanding the attention of all motorists who pass this geographically significant spot. Many tourists are so impressed they pull over to have their photo taken standing in the Big Galah’s shadow, followed by some casual browsing in the adjoining Halfway Across Australia Gem Shop.

Given Kimba’s remoteness, there actually isn’t much else to do, so installing a Big Thing here was a stroke of genius, as well as being testament to a native Australian icon, large flocks of which are a common sight in the region. American talk show queen Oprah Winfrey was quite entranced by flocks of screeching galahs during her much-publicized visit ‘Down Under’ in late 2010. But that was after her other galah moment, when she was singing the praises of Australia’s first female Prime Minister but pronounced her as ‘Julia Galahd’.


New Class – Tactile Surface Embellishment

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
New Class at Blueberries with Kay Haerland

Tactile Surface Embellishment

In this fun workshop you will learn techniques for creating realistic and tactile landscape embellishments.

We will use different tree barks as our medium, while exploring a variety of techniques for 3D surfaces, threads, organzas, velvets and other textured fabric. We will also work on transforming ordinary string into interesting vines. This will involve lots of ‘free’ free motion quilting and different couching techniques. You will also work with burning tools for stressing fabric.

Your quilt horizons will expand and the sky is the limit with skills and confidence you will have gained in this class.

To book in for this class, click here!


Big ‘n’ Bizarre

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

A road trip of Australia’s fiberglass monuments

The Big Scotsman

This week we’ve ventured back into the city, to the inner-Adelaide suburb of Medindie. We’re paying homage to the Big Scotsman, which stands proudly outside Scotty’s Motel, complete with bagpipes, sporran and kilt. And yes, we even get an answer (of sorts) to that age-old question: just what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Of course, the Big Scotsman also comes with another impressive fact – he was actually Australia’s very first Big Thing. Enthusiasts will claim that Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana has been holding the title of Australia’s oldest Big Thing for longer than anyone can remember, virtually unchallenged. That may be so. But the big tartan fellow was first unveiled to the world in 1963, a whole year before the much more famous Big Banana. It just goes to show the persuasive power of celebrity.

So how did Australia’s very first Big Thing actually come about? Back in the early 1960s, Scotty’s Motel was owned by an eccentric married couple, both of whom liked a drink or six. One night, while working their way through a bottle of Scotch, they had the novel idea of building a giant Scotsman to stand outside the building as a kind of mascot and figurehead for the motel. This kind of public fiberglass monument was completely un-chartered territory in 1962, and there was no Big Things Rule Book for anyone to follow. Construction of the Big Scotsman involved several attempts, especially after one of his original body parts fell onto one of the builders and broke his leg.

It was almost 18 months later when the 5m high Big Scotsman was finally unveiled in a commanding position outside the motel. He instantly dominated the busy intersection, which is now known by many Adelaidians as Scotty’s Corner. In his 48 years, he’s become an iconic local landmark, although this hasn’t been without the odd moment of embarrassment (like on school “muck-up” day a few years ago when someone stuck a large salami under his kilt! So juvenile!).

So bow your head in homage to this, the very first of what would become a cherished (if a little odd) Aussie tradition. And don’t listen to anything the Big Banana has to say on the matter either. It just doesn’t like being number two.


Campbelltown Quilters

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Campbelltown Patchwork and Quilters Guild exhibition of members work will be held at the Campbelltown Civic Hall Queen Street Campbelltown on the 12th  & 13th November this year.

The exhibiton will include over 200 examples of member’s work, a display of handmade aprons and community quilts.

Visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy lunch at the Quilters Cafe, browse the traders mall, purchase hand crafted item or a ticket in the quilt raffle.

Admission is only $6 so come down to Campbelltown and have some fun!

2012 Quilting Tour USA – Paducah Quilt Fair

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Blueberries is very excited to annouce that in April 2012 we will be heading off on a 24 day trip to the United States.

Janet Edmonds from Lifestyle Tours is our travel coordinator along with Karen Cunningham, Jenny Wheeler from Quilt Essentials and our very own Jackie Leybourne will be assisting Janet on this trip.

The tour will incorporate the Paducah Quilt Show which is located in Kentucky.  Then by coach, we will travel to Virginia, Wasington DC, Baltimore, Delaware, Lancaster and finally New York.

Just some of the places of interest we will be visiting are The home of US President Thomas Jefferson, Village of Colonial Williamsburg were people go about their daily activities as if they were in the 18th century and a guided tour of Amish homes and farms.

Museums included are The daughters of the Amercian Revolution, Smithsonian and The Baltimore Museum of Art.

For more information on this facinating tour, please contact Jackie at to receive a full itinerary and costing.

Departure Date:  Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Pattern Princess

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

What’s hot in the House of blueberries

Well my loyal subjects this week we are featuring a pattern by Stitches & Sew On.

Designed by our very own Rachel Porter, ‘Double Delight’ is a bedrunner and cushion set featuring English Paper Piecing and applique with an olde world feel.

This set incorporates paper pieced diamond squares and hexagons and just a little bit of fussy cutting using stripes and pretty florals.

This pattern retails for $20, click here to buy now!


Book Worm

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
By Karli Galvin
This week we are featuring a great new book by Hatched and Patched designer Anni Downs called ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’.
Whether you love applique, patchwork, punchneedle, or hand stitchery, you’ll find the perfect project in this diverse array of quilts, sewing accessories, bags, and home accents.

Whether you need a pin cushion, heat bag, table runner, bag or pillow, this book has got you covered with 3 charming quilts and 12 unique, fun projects to bring out your creative home deco flair.

Purchase this wonderful book here!




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