Blueberries Bus Trip



Well our Bus Trip down to the quilt and craft show in Sydney was a huge success. 60 something very brave girls were up and about very early to be at our shop by 7.30am to head down to the show.

Susan and Rachael were our bus monitors and from all reports everyone was on their best behaviour. That is of course until Susan pulled out a bag full of knickers!

We had a “knicker raffle” in support of Quilt Aid 2009, which our store is very excited to be a part of. More than $200 was raised¬† and over 100 pairs of knickers were donated to help the fistula clinics in Addis Ababa.

A great day was had by all, and if you haven’t started your quilt for QuiltAid 2009 there is still time. You can buy your “Bluebird of Hope – Tree of Hope Block” from our online store and dont forget to have a look at our finishing kit, you can place your orders online for that also.

Till next week!

Happy Stitching

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