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Where the pupil writes the report card for the class and tutor

Pupil: Rosalie Gessey
Tutor: Kaye Haerland
Class: Magic Mushrooms, Tuesday 5 April 2011

What did you do in the class?

We all made a mushroom each. Kaye also showed us some techniques that a lot of the ladies wouldn’t have seen, like burning fabrics with a heat gun, and techniques to enhance a plain mushroom.

How did you find the class?

There was a lot to listen to and apply. We really had to be on the ball the whole time. About half way through the class my confidence wavered a bit, but I think I was just having one of those “bad machine days” that we all experience every now and then. It was a very full seven hours, right from 9.30am. We certainly got our money’s worth.

What was the best part of the class?

Kaye brought in a big board decorated with mushrooms in different stages of completion, a kind of “here’s some I prepared earlier” thing. It was very well displayed and she let us take photos of it.

What, if any, suggestions would you make to improve the class?

Maybe a smaller list of requirements and if we actually used the requirements during the class. Also, maybe fewer demonstrations throughout the day that sometimes interrupted the workflow (but then again, I was having a “bad machine day”).

Following are some photos from the Magic Mushrooms class. Rosalie is in the first pic, on the left.

By the way Congratulations to Kay Haerland for winning Best of Show Quilt at the Australasian Quilt Convention.





2 Responses to “Class Report”

  1. Francine says:

    Regarding the mushroom wall hanging (black background 6 large mushrooms) in the last picture do you have a pattern available as I live in WA and unable to attend any of the classes at Blueberries. :o(
    Thank you, Francine

  2. Blueberries says:


    Thanks for your comment. I will need to check with Kay but I don’t think Kay does patterns for this, I will check with Kay and let you know.


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