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Judith Rowling’s gift of warmth to her sister

What was your inspiration for this quilt?

It was my sister’s 60th birthday and she lives in Victoria where it’s very cold. She specifically wanted a quilt made from flannel, so when I saw the pattern in a book, I knew it was the right one.

How long did it take you to complete it?

All up, probably a few months. I did most of the work in Susan’s Wednesday classes and did the rest at home. Having the deadline of my sister’s birthday certainly helped as well.

How was it received?

She just loved it. I took it down in person because I wanted to be there when she saw it for the first time. She knew I was making her a quilt but it still exceeded her expectations. It was a wonderful moment.

How long have you been a sewer?

About five years, but I did bits and pieces when I was younger as well, like the curtains for the house when I first got married.

What’s the next project?
I bought some material the other week to make my niece a wedding quilt. It’s in December, so I’ve got plenty of time to get it done.


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