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Material Girl

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Jackie’s tips, hints, advice and info on products and fabrics

Name: “Wild Rose”

By: Blackbird Designs, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Jackie says:
“Wild Rose” is in the traditional style of Blackbird Designs. Barb Adams and Alma Allen have used stunning colours from soft teals, olives, rose pinks and taupes with a hit of deep mustard to create this beautiful olde worlde range. The large rose design is just gorgeous and would be perfect as a feature fabric in your next quilt.

$20 per metre, $16.50 for Charm Packs, $48.50 for Jelly Rolls.

Click here to view more of the “Wild Rose’ range or to place an order.

Click here to go to the Blackbird Designs website.


Designer Diaries

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Journeying into creative hearts and minds

Name: Susan Carr

What do you design and why?

I design traditional quilts with a modern twist. I like bright colours and modern fabrics but sticking with the traditional blocks. I suppose it’s about the traditional techniques as well. They appeal to me. Some of the modern quilts don’t have enough technique or skill in them. I also love doing homewares for children, especially children’s quilts. Mermaid Tales is currently on display at Blueberries as a Block of the Month.

How long have you been designing and what are your techniques?

I’ve been designing for five years, but sewing for much longer. I mainly stick to the more traditional techniques like applique and paper piecing.

What gives you inspiration?

My inspiration really just comes from the fabric. I see the fabric and it tells me what to do with it. I’m also inspired by museum quilts and historic quilts, especially the origins of the blocks. It’s women’s history, in a way. Women who wanted to create but had to keep it confined to a women’s domain.

What’s a favourite project you’ve worked on recently?

I’d have to say it’s the Mermaid Quilt. I haven’t done a picture quilt before. Doing traditional piecing, the Mermaid Quilt was very different for me.

mermaid-blog-2The Mermaid Quilt
The Block of the Month program will start in January, click here to register your interest.

Come and see the quilt in person at the Blueberries shop!

Any exciting new designs or projects in the pipeline?

I’d like to do a quilt using appliqué and foundation paper piecing. That’s a project that I’d like to see come to life in a Blueberries class. So again it’s the traditional quilt style with bright modern colours. It’s called the Mothers and Daughters quilt – a recreation of an old quilt but with modern bright fabrics.

As a designer, what advice can you give our readers?

Don’t get so caught up in your project that you lose perspective. It’s about enjoyment. Accuracy comes with practice. Keep trying different things. And above all, enjoy it. It’s about fun.

Visit Susan’s website at


Show and Tell

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Show us the item and tell us the story

June Bollom’s ‘loaves and fishes’ act

What was your inspiration?
A friend of mine bought all the material about seven years ago. She’s never really been into patchwork and only got as far as cutting the strips up. Then unfortunately she became very ill and so it was put away. Then this year she asked if I could make it instead. It was originally supposed to just be a queen sized single quilt for her son, but when I saw the material, I realised there was enough for a full queen sized quilt, plus a lap quilt and two pillows. So I made them all.

How long did it take?

About six months. That was in-between whatever I was doing at Blueberries and all my other activities. I kept updating my friend on my progress and letting her know that it was all betting bigger than Ben Hur.

Did you customize as you went?
The pattern called for 24 colours, but when I counted them out, she actually had 35 colours. I had to extend the pattern to incorporate all of them, which is why it’s ended up with so many gorgeous colours.

What did your friend think of the finished items?

I took the whole caboodle around to her last week. She loved them so much she was just in tears. It was all so much more than either she or I expected.

What’s your next project?

I think I’m going to do Monica Poole’s Dragonfly quilt. I’ve got two weddings coming up next year and the quilts are perfects gifts.



Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Be in stitches for a month. Blueberries has officially decreed the month of November as ‘Sew-vember’, which is an open invitation to put your foot on the treadle and get cracking on all those projects. Sew-vember is your excuse to reach for the scissors, needles, threads, batting, and of course, those gorgeous fabrics, many of which will have special discounts throughout the month. Each week of ‘Sew-vember’ we will send you a catalogue of the weeks specials, here are this weeks.

Win a $300 Blueberries Gift Voucher, read on for more details.

Sew-vember Catalogue Week 4 Printable pdf version



For all purchases over $50* during ‘Sew-vember’ you will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of three prizes.

1st prize – $300 Blueberries Gift Voucher
2nd prize – $200 Blueberries Gift Voucher
3rd prize – $100 Blueberries Gift Voucher

Spend $50 = 1 entry
Spend $100 = 3 entries
Spend $150 = 5 entries
Spend $200 = 10 entries

– *Amounts to enter draw are based on one transaction, not total accumulative spend in November.
– The above sales items are available only while stocks last.
– Sorry no rainchecks or laybys.
– Minimum cut for fabric on sale is 50cm.
– Sew-vember runs from 1st November to 30th November.

Lily & Will

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

There they were the charming and energetic Lily and her thoughtful inquisitive brother, Will. Two total opposites, yet somehow blended together perfectly.







To see more of Lily and Will click here.

Maison de Garance

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In the 18th century Maison de Garance – House of Garance – was one of the only dye houses in France to cultivate all of the shades of the garance flower – from deep red to chocolate brown. The walls of Maison de Garance were covered in painted leaves which were hand-shaded colors of the garance plant to show off all of the hues.


Maison de Garance quilt (pictured above) 55″ x 68″. Click here to purchase the instructions.




To see more of Maison de Garance click here.

It’s a Hoot

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Does anyone know what could possibly be better than a fabric designed by MOMO for Moda? “Whoooo, Whoooo” said the wise old hoot owl. “No one,” all the owls hooted in unison from the tree tops. Moda is the best. And they all flew away to find this latest treasure.


It’s a Hoot quilt 50″ x 60″. Click here to purchase the instructions.



To see more It’s a Hoot click here.

Jazz-It-Up Flower Carry Clutch – Fun and Photos

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Today Colleen, Rosalie, Ruth, Cosima, Louise, Sue, Jenny, June, Joyce and Monica had a fun day making the Jazz-It-Up Flower Carry Clutch. On arrival all received a ric-rac handband and at the end of the day all had their carry clutch sew together and going home to make more.

On Tuesday 18 January there will be another Jazz-It-Up Flower Carry Clutch class click here to register.





Cosima, Rosalie and Ruth


Created by Jenny




For Colleen’s grandson






Created by Louise


Monica and Joyce




Created by Rosalie


Created by Ruth


Sue and Louise






Tutor Profile

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Learning about the Teacher

Name: Jenny Rofe

How long have you been quilting and what got you started?

I’ve been quilting for nearly 40 years. I was influenced by my grandmother who had waggas on her bed, made up of scraps and she helped me to sew on the treadle sewing machine in the same room as these waggas on the bed. It was one of the things we did as little girls. Eventually she taught me a lot about sewing, knitting and crocheting.

How long have you been teaching and what do you specialize in?
I’ve been teaching for close to 20 years now. I specialize in appliqué and some forms of embroidery and I do teach piecing as well.

What inspires your creative ideas and projects?

I get inspiration from anywhere, but mostly nature and creation. I go anywhere across the colour palette depending on what fabrics I can find, then it bounces back to nature. Mostly floral. Old fashioned types of things.
What’s your favourite colour and design style that you like to work with?
Generally I like all colours although I do lean towards purple and pink a bit, purple in all its shades. As for style, again I go back to florally images. With appliqué I prefer needleturn, all by hand, not machine work, piecing is with the machine. I often combine embroidery and appliqué. For me they go hand in hand.
What have you learnt from your students as a tutor?
The main thing is that you never know it all. I’m always learning new things from students, even beginners. You tend to take things for granted when you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Jenny will be tutoring the Dresden Daisies quilt (pictured below) and more at Blueberries next year. For more details look out for the 2011 Blueberries Calendar and Class Schedule coming soon!


Pattern Princess

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

What’s Hot in the House of Blueberries


Name: Stars and Sprigs

By: Kim McLean

Linden says: The finished quilt is 96″ x 96″.  This is the ultimate scrap quilt. Kim made her quilt before she discovered Kaffe’s fabrics. She used hundreds of different tid bits.

Click here to purchase the Stars and Sprigs pattern.


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